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2HEX' Digital Skateboard Printer!

Posted by : Niklas V / On : 26.03.2023

Be the First in your Country to have 2HEX' Digital Skateboard Printer!


The skateboard industry has been waiting a long time for this moment, and finally we can make it happen: We bring the 2HEX22A1 digital all-skateboard-components printer to the market!


This one single skateboard printer is an all in one solution. It can print on all skateboard and longboard components and much more! Including heat transfers, longboard decks, skateboards decks' wheelbases, wheels, trucks, griptapes, bearing boxes, bearings, fingerboards, packaging material, stickers, and even nuts and bolts. 


skateboard UV print or screen print

Image Quality

The 2HEX22A1 skateboard printer offers stunning colors and clarity, vastly surpassing traditionally screen printed heat transfers! Heat transfers made by the 2HEX22A1 digital skateboard printer have a resolution at least twice as high. Photo prints are much more realistic when printed by the 2HEX22A1 skateboard printer. 


skateboard UV printing video

Instant New Products
There has never been a faster way to bring new products to the market! Within minutes after you received your customer’s design, the finished component is printed and ready to be shipped! 
Depending on the selected printer size, the 2HEX22A1 skateboard printer can print on hundreds of wheels, trucks or bearings, or tens of decks or griptapes at once!