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2HEX offers a big variety of skateboard hardware productions. By skateboard hardware we refer to nuts and bolts for skateboards.

We offer skateboard hardware (nuts and bolts) productions in multiple sizes, colors, materials and with a variety of packing options.
Very likely we are the Skateboard Hardware Manufacturer with the biggest variety of easily accessible production options.

All of our skateboard hardware is manufactured to withstand the tear and impact of professional skateboarding.

2HEX Skateboard Hardware Factory Information:

  • 2HEX Skateboard hardware factory production time: 2 weeks
  • 2HEX Skateboard hardware with custom packaging production time: 3.5 weeks

Skateboard Hardware Factory Quantities:
  • Skateboard hardware manufacturer minimum: 500 Sets

Skateboard Bearing Manufacturing Prices:
Please use the skateboard hardware configurator and select your specifications to see your skateboard company’s individual production price.

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