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Skateboard Supplier FAQ

Does 2HEX skateboard factory deliver to _____ ?

Yes. We deliver to all countries world wide.

What is the minimum order quantity for skateboard decks?

All minimum order quantities are shown in the configurators. If you can successfully submit your order, you have reached the minimum order quantity. For some products such as skateboard decks, the minimum order quantity is the same as the minimum batch quantity. For other products such as griptape the minimum batch quantity of 200 griptape sheets is not enough to submit an order. You must either add more griptapes or another product.

2HEX shows a minimum order quantity of 50 skateboard decks. Is that correct?

The quantities shown on 2HEX are correct. If you can not select any less than 50 decks, it means that 50 skateboard decks is the minimum order quantity. It could happen that you were able to choose a different quantity before. 2HEX is being regularly updated based on the agreements we make with our manufacturers.

Do I need to pay value added taxes or customs when receiving skateboard components from 2HEX?

Every country has different import regulations. Most countries however require you to pay value added taxes and customs when receiving goods from abroad. Check your countries VAT and tariffs if you want to find the accurate costs that will occur when receiving the goods. European countries for examples pay VAT of around 19% and customs of around 5%.

What must I do, to import skateboards from 2HEX skateboard factory?

In the European Union, you need an EORI number in order to import skateboard components. EORI numbers are free and provided by the customs office. Your contact at 2HEX will send you an EORI application as well as the contact details of your customs officer. You will need to fill in the document and send it back to the customs. You will receive an EORI number within 2 to 3 weeks.

US citizens need to fill in an ISF form and apply for bonds to import goods. The cost for the bonds are covered by 2HEX. The 2HEX team will also fill the ISF form for you.

Must I have a registered company to order custom skateboards from 2HEX skateboard factory?

You do not need a registered skateboard company to order from 2HEX. Private individuals are just as welcome to order from 2HEX. Private individuals can also import and receive goods from abroad. Therefor it does not matter if you have a registered business or not - you can start your first skateboard production with 2HEX at any time.

Does 2HEX skateboard factory offer drop shipping?

When making an order, you can insert your client's information into the shipping address form. We will deliver the goods directly to your client.

Are Canadian skateboard decks better than European or Chinese skateboard decks?

It does not depend where a skateboard deck is made, but what it is made of and by whom it is made. All three continents have many manufacturers of terrible skateboard deck quality; And all three continents have a very few great quality skateboard deck manufacturers.
Most pro level skateboard decks are made in China. By moving the skateboard deck production from USA to China, some of the world's best skateboard company's have transferred the oroginal production know-how from USA to China. Since then, a few Chinese factories have been spending a lot on research and development to further better the deck quality and reduce production costs. Due to the high labour costs in Chinese skateboard factories, US and European skateboard factories have spent a lot into the research of reducing production costs which has mostly happened through automation.
While this is not the case for all manufacturers, we see a trend of a few Chinese skateboard factories offering the best quality, while a few US and European manufacturers are leading in automation and the supply of small quantities.

2HEX selects the one highest quality manufacturer for each product. The skateboard deck supplier of 2HEX arranges the production of over 60% of all professional skateboard deck brands which you can see riders use at Streetleague or XGames. This skateboard factory does not offer orders smaller than 10.000 decks, therefor only very few skateboard companies have access to their high quality skateboard deck production. 2HEX merges your order with thousands of other skateboard productions, to offer you the original factory price (or lower) at the world's highest quality skateboard deck manufacturer which you would otherwise not be able to access.

Which are the best skateboard factories in the world?

There are hundreds of skateboard factories world wide. However there are only very few skateboard factories offering a continuously high quality of pro level skateboard decks. These few factories are either very expensive or do not accept orders from small or medium sized skateboard companies. 2HEX makes sure that every order receives skateboard decks or other skateboard components as good as those used at Streetleague or the XGames. 2HEX also makes sure that these skateboard components are provided at a fair price, which enables companies to grow their business.
To get your order into one of the few world's best factories, 2HEX merges your order with thousand of other skateboard orders. This way the total quantity is higher than that of most pro brands and therefor receives the best prices within the best skateboard factories. We forward both to you: The best quality skateboard parts and the great prices for that high quality.

How to make skateboard decks?

It is super simple.

  • Select your required deck size.
  • Select your required concave.
  • Upload your custom deck design.
  • Submit your skateboard deck order.

How to print on skateboard decks?

We heat transfer screen printed transfers to skateboard decks.
The screen printing process is highly time intensive. The industrial machinery for heat transferring is heavy and expensive. Therefor skateboard deck companies purchase their decks directly with their custom printed artworks from 2HEX skateboard deck factory. To do the same, just:

  • Select your deck styles.
  • Upload your custom deck designs.
  • And submit your skateboard deck order.

Does 2HEX offer a book for skateboard company founders?

Yes, we do.
Use this link to get to the skateboard company founders book download page.

Skateboard Supplier

Is 2HEX a skateboard supplier?

2HEX is a skateboard supplier, supplying hundreds of skateboard companies with the highest quality skateboard components.

A skateboard supplier is a business that supplies skateboard components. It is not necessarily a manufacturer. 2HEX keeps manufacturing to a minimum. 2HEX is a skateboard supplier focusing on offering skateboard companies the best quality skateboards at the lowest prices. To reach this goal we constantly compare all skateboard factories world wide, to find the best quality and negotiate the best prices for 2HEX' users.
Every year the factory with the best offer changes. We have found that we can be the best skateboard supplier by partnering with the best factories instead of manufacturing ourselves. This is also why Nike and Adidas do not own any shoe factories. Just like Nike and Adidas we work closely with our partnering skateboard factories, to provide them with any missing information required to produce the world's best skateboards.

Skateboard Manufacturer

Is 2HEX a skateboard manufacturer?

2HEX was a skateboard manufacturer until 2015. Since 2012 we outsourced more and more steps of our production. In 2015 we outsourced the last skateboard production processes to our partners, so that we had the required time to enable our customers to run the best productions. Meanwhile our partners outsourced their skateboard sales to 2HEX so that they could fully focus on developing their skateboard productions. Since then 2HEX has helped to setup multiple skateboard factories. 2HEX could therefor be considered a "skateboard factory manufacturer".

By selling thousands of skateboards every month, we get tons of helpful feedback from skateboard company founders world wide. This information is forwarded to our skateboard manufacturing partners. Over the years we have optimized every detail, from where the shrink seal must be placed when shrink wrapping decks, to printing deck information on the front and back of cartons and logos on the sides, so that they are easier to be stocked at our clients' warehouses.

Skateboard Manufacturer

Does 2HEX own a skateboard factory?

2HEX does not own any skateboard factory. Like Nike and Adidas we help our partners build up factories, so that one party can spend all of their time on manufacturing and the second party (being 2HEX) can fully focus on helping skateboard companies plan perfect productions.

2HEX used to own a skateboard production in 2012 (at that time under the name of Precision Skateboard Factory). However with a quickly growing demand for skateboard components, we started outsourcing more and more of our production to meet the required quantities. Our team spent more time in the production, than helping customers get their production plans straight.

To make sure that we can handle all of our customers' productions we have helped partners build up their factories and better their products' quality. Today we still help our partners build up their skateboard factories, to ensure that we have enough supplies of high quality skateboards for our customers.

It can be in a factory's best interest to use low cost materials or to speed up the production to lower production costs. This can lead to a conflict of interest between a skateboard factory and the skateboard company / buyer. Being independent from the skateboard production, it is in 2HEX best interest to continuously supply the highest quality skateboard components. Unlike companies with small production orders, 2HEX has a strong influence on its partners with skateboard factories. Our skateboard factory partners know that they can loose us and therefor hundreds of clients if only one order is produced at a lower quality. This helps us ensure that every production is arranged at the same quality, as the productions of our largest customers.

Skateboard Warehouse

Does 2HEX own a skateboard warehouse?

Yes, 2HEX has two skateboard warehouses. 2HEX stocks most of its goods at its partner's skateboard warehouses. Here at 2HEX we want to spend all of our time to support our skateboard company customers to arrange the best productions. Keeping a skateboard warehouse, as well as picking skateboard components and packing them takes a lot of time. Therefor we have outsourced this work to our partners skateboard warehouses as early as possible. This allows us to spend all of our time on helping skateboard companies to get the best skateboard productions.

However in spite of this effort to outsource all manual skateboard warehousing and packing labour, 2HEX still stocks skateboard components in Europe and Asia. We try to minimize our skateboard warehouses where possible. Because generally the skateboard factories that we have either helped build up or partnered with for a long time are faster at picking and packing and have more suitable personal to do so. Our staff is highly educated and trained and we do not want them packing parcels in warehouses.

Custom Skateboards / OEM Skateboards

Does 2HEX make OEM skateboards / custom skateboards?

"OEM Skateboards" stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturing of Skateboards". This means, that a manufacturer makes custom designed products for other companies' brands.

Custom skateboards are skateboards which have been customized to meet special requirements. Customizing skateboards can mean that only a custom print is added to the skateboards, or that everything down to the outline of the shape is custom made according to the buyers' requirements.

2HEX makes fully customized OEM skateboards. We do not own any skateboard brand ourselves, because we fully focus on our customers' skateboard companies. 2HEX arranges skateboard productions for other skateboard companies' original skateboard brands. These products are fully customized according to the customers' requirements.